Oil change & Lube Services

Oil changes and Lube services are essential to ensure smooth vehicle running on the road. This routine will be useful to inspect, change, check/fill and clean essential components of your vehicle. Carepoint uses products of highest quality for your vehicle.

Car Wash Quick Detail

It’s not a Car wash it’s an Auto Spa! Your vehicle gets a thorough, precise car washing service and a meticulous Quick detailing. Carepoint is committed to clean every inch of your vehicles interior the best, most effective yet gentlest of products.

Exterior Detail

Professional Exterior detailing is vital for the longevity and resale value of your vehicle. We methodically clean contaminants such as dirt, grime, salt that settles in areas that otherwise go unnoticed leading to visual & structural damage.

Interior Detail

All types of contaminants can stain and destroy the interior of your vehicle. If unattended these can become permanent. Interior detail not only cleans, it gives a much needed sanitizing, creating a healthier environment for you and your passengers.

Wheel Alignment

Bad roads, potholes contribute to misalignment of wheels while shortening Tire life which causes rapid and uneven treadwear. Accurately aligned wheels enhances driving control, improves driver safety, increases fuel efficiency and Tire life.

Rubber Treatment

Vinyl and Rubber surfaces of your vehicle gets exposed to different weather conditions making them fade, dry & crack. Vinyl & Rubber care spray on product ensures a protective coating and restores original color of rubber and plastic surfaces.

Leather Cleaning & Treatment

Proper care of your vehicles Leather interior protects it from daily wear and tear, prolonging longevity and beauty of leather seats and upholstery. Our professional Leather treatment cleans conditions and protects your automotive Leather.

Running Repairs

Vehicle maintenance, running repairs need serious consideration to ensure the vehicle performs to its fullest potential. Vehicle parts and accessories aren’t made to last forever. Our Running repair services is renowned for expert long term solutions.

Car Tint Sun Control Films / Paint Protection Film

Sun control Films not only protects you from dangerous ultraviolet (UV) rays, glare and heat build-up it gives your ride high style. Industries best Paint protection Film prevents the possible paint scratches, keeping your vehicle looking newer for longer.

Customized Car Mats

We customize Car Mats according to your taste and requirement. We guarantee durability and design that lasts long, our custom cut floor mats are a perfect fit for your vehicle and safeguards your interior from any potential damage effectively.

Injector Cleaning / Filter Replacement(Petrol / Diesel)

Our mechanics are expertly trained in Fuel system troubleshooting techniques and assure you to be back on the road. Our services include Injector cleaning and Filter replacement of your vehicle enabling improved Fuel economy and Fuel pressure.

Engine Cleaning & Glazing

The engine and its compartments get dirty, it usually has grease, oil build up, dirt and grime that finds its way from the underside, wheels etc. Engine compartment is often avoided as it’s complicated. Come to us to clean and glaze vehicle engines hassle free.

Rust proofing Undercoating

Rustproofing and undercoating protects your vehicle from salt and chemical related rusting mostly in the undercarriage sealing out water, mud and salt. Doors, fenders, hood, trunk and panels prone to rust are also treated in our service.

Glass Polishing

Mineral deposits cause glass scratches or damage Vehicle glass. This can now be removed with breakthrough technology we use on windows, front / rear windshields of your vehicle. Scratched glass can now be repaired without distortion.

Car Wrapping

Promote your business with our popular Car Wrapping service which provides superb bodywork protection and is a benefit when its time to be removed, leaving paintwork underneath virtually unmarked, unharmed. We pay attention to quality.

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